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Monday, September 10, 2018

Every Day Is Earth Day

Begin by joining me in a harmless fantasy. Pretend you have the clout to persuade your Congressman or Senator to introduce legislation on the contemporary issue you consider most critical. What issue would it be?

Now back up from fantasy land. How did you arrive at your passion for this issue, i.e. who or what led you to care so deeply about it? What makes it more important to you than other issues we face as a nation? How long has it been at or near the top of the heap? Who do you rely on to help maintain your equilibrium when your passion collides with political reality?

Because I've spent time reflecting on the answers for those questions and more for my issue - the environment - say the word and I'm happy to share. And my final question is aimed at just the folks who share my passion. How do you make a difference?

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