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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Yeah, This Is Crabby

Reassure me, please. Does anyone else ever get annoyed by the assault of commercials frequently preceding the feature film in many movie theaters these days?

Though I try hard to time my arrival at theaters nowadays to avoid this garbage, if a movie is popular, getting a seat sometimes goes hand-in-hand with enduring the commercial onslaught. On occasion, when I've been alone and this has happened, I've actually yearned for the distraction of an I-phone. Please do NOT share that confession with my wife or daughter.

An old theater proximate to my home - it has since been sold to new owners - used to play agonizing  music before showing the only coming attraction. Over the years we patronized that relic - great prices, BTW, and I'll miss that - I complained incessantly about that hokey music. But given a choice between that aural torture and the enticement of consumerism run amok portrayed by those loud nonstop ads - and I'm pretty certain that's what's in store for me when that theater re-opens - there's no contest. Isn't a TV (or fifty) in every public space invasive enough?


  1. Best part of being a consumer is you have choice! You can always visit a theater where you can select your seat (similar to a flight) and arrive later...but the line for popcorn might still persist :)

    "Aural torture" - need to remember this one.

    1. Chris; I agree I have a choice. But, the "buy your seat in advance" modern notion is not one of my favorites, either. Like I said - kind of crabby. Thanks for continuing to read and occasionally comment.