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Friday, November 23, 2018

Goal For Year 70

I was surprised to discover that not one of the goals I've made here on my birthday every year since 2011 has been reading-related. Time to correct that oversight.

Between this birthday and my next, I'm aiming to read only books written by authors who are new to me. I'll make an exception only if a book club selection is by someone I've previously read.

Settled on this goal after realizing I've recently been relying a bit too much on my favorites. Surely I can make it for a year without repeating an author, and maybe find some new favorites in the process.

What have been some of your past reading-related goals, birthday or otherwise? And, who are a few of your favorite authors you think might be new to me? If by chance I've already read something by someone you suggest, no harm. There's plenty of time to return after November 23, 2019.

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  1. Pat, Your birth (0) to your first birthday (1) was YEAR ONE of your life. Your first birthday to your second birthday comprised YEAR TWO of your life. Your sixty-eighth birthday to your sixty-ninth birthday was YEAR 69 of your life. It therefore follows that YEAR 69 is over for you. The reading goal that you have set in the above post should be titled GOAL FOR YEAR 70. When you reach your seventieth birthday, decide if you’ve met your goal. Happy Birthday! MN