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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Key Learnings: Year 69

I'm confident there'll be a lot of folks on the bell curve taking a nap after tomorrow's repast so this post - usually published the day before my birthday - is one day early. Because despite knowing how scintillating I can be, my best bon mots are no match for tryptophan shock. By hedging my bets, I'm hoping at least a few folks will read this prior to the big gorge.

What were some key things you learned between your last two birthdays? Year sixty nine - at least the first 364 days of it - was a rich year of learning for me.

* During and after the three day summer workshop entitled "Race And Rage" that I helped facilitate, I learned how fortunate I am having three people in my life who give me unconditional emotional support. Each stays fully present when I'm overcome; they avoid filling up the emotional space with words; none of the three ever tries to "fix" me.

* Over this past year, watching the good cheer of an old friend caring for a loved one has been a profound lesson for me in the power of grace.

* "The moral certainty of my rage must be met with humility about the limits of my knowledge". More than a few times, author Phil Klay's words have helped me back up from the reflexive despair I can sometimes feel reading or watching the news. Whose words have recently given you that kind of solace?

I'll be back on my birthday. Happy thanksgiving!

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  1. My key learning is that my husband can continue to surprise me, even in our retirement years. Jim has recently become a brilliant book discussion leader. I have begun to look at this man I have long loved, now with a deep, renewed admiration. Tryptophan shock? I had to look that one up, Pat. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! MN