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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Select Peak Musical Moments

Few things in life give me as much joy as accompanying my daughter when she sings. I'm guessing any parent who is a musician and has had this experience shares my unbridled enthusiasm. And though most of my peak musical moments with my daughter have been in this context, I'd love to hear from any parent, musician or not, about peak musical moments with your children.

* Fourth grade school talent show: When my daughter nailed the high note at the end of the chorus in the LeAnn Rimes song "How Do I Live?", and the auditorium erupted with applause, Dad had to look down at his guitar to hide his tears of pride.

* Performing Arts High School recital: Her rendition of  Harold Arlen's ''Over The Rainbow" - again accompanied by her emotional old fart Dad - was simply spectacular.

* Just a few days ago, we were rehearsing the song she'll be singing ("Can't Help Falling In Love") at her cousin's wedding in South Carolina this weekend - a nice Ingrid Michaelson arrangement. Of the other stuff we then fooled with, the peak moment in that session arrived as she caressed "I'll Be Seeing You". My wife was so moved she asked "Who wrote that song?" Answer: Sammy Fain.

Join me in celebrating the way music has enhanced your life with your children.

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