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Friday, February 15, 2019

Thanks For The Help In Getting Out The Funk

I don't believe it's a coincidence that a lifelong tendency to indulge myself in prolonged funks largely dissipated after I began publishing this blog almost eight years ago.

I'm not claiming to have had no bad days since March 2011. But aside from an understandable dip after my arrest for simple assault in August 2011 - when visions of being sued ran rampant in my brain for a few weeks - my low periods haven't lasted as long, my highs have lasted longer, and the in-between times have not felt as onerous as they did before I began blogging. What practice or discipline that you've integrated into your life has had a similar impact on your mental health?

I'm especially grateful to folks who've supported my blog, no matter the form that support has taken. I'm often struck by the timing of public comments - either here or on Facebook - and offline e-mails or conversations that reference something I've written of here. Comments, e-mails, and conversations like that sustain me at critical moments and likely contribute to my enhanced well being. Thanks for that.      


  1. What has helped sustain me through "lows" is my regular Nia practice. It is truly a mind-body-emotion-spirit practice. I am so grateful to have that in my life. Journey on my friend!

    1. Ines; My hope is that others who read my post or comments like yours will be inspired to find something to aid them. Thanks for your contribution!