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Friday, April 5, 2019

Free At Last

Nine years ago my full time work life concluded.

A partial list of mundane things I don't miss includes having to rise each morning at about the same time, dealing with rush hour traffic, wearing a tie. Speaking of ties, which mysterious elements in the fashion universe coincided to help codify that utterly senseless business convention?

But different mundane annoyances comparable to those above are part of my post full time work life as well. And those past annoyances were as easily tolerable as the current ones. What I miss least about the daily grind - and have worked to avoid since April 2010 - is pretending to be interested in conversations about things of no value. Infrequently, one of my "business" conversations comes back to me in some detail. These rewinds can make me laugh out loud at myself. How did I keep a straight face back then? Conversational flashbacks like this sound familiar to anyone who has left the world of full time work? Those of you still working full time: When was the last time a work conversation bored you so much you wanted to scream, sleep, or pummel the others involved?

Has every conversation I've had since 2010 been valuable, rich with ideas, scintillating? What do you think? The biggest difference is how I now search for value and how easy it can be - with all my time my own - to find situations that are likely to yield that value. No more excuses, no more pretending, no more acronyms or abbreviations. Free at last.

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