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Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Seder With My Tribe

Although I have no clear recollection of specifics, I'm reasonably sure the Seder I just attended was not my first. After all, over my almost seventy years, more than a few Jewish people have been important to me. I certainly have fond memories being the guest of friends at bar mitzvahs for their sons.

I do know this particular Seder will remain with me. I struggled to maintain my composure several times; I was not alone. The modern relevance of the ancient words from the Haggadah was striking. It was comforting to know that the twenty adults sitting around that table, none of whom I knew just eighteen months ago, shared some important values with me. We all abhor oppression and injustice, celebrate tolerance, believe people deserve to be treated with dignity. I was honored to be there. (Added bonus: Every so often, a Hebrew word was either recognizable or easily pronounceable; I relished jumping into the shared readings at that point.)

On some days, the incivility of modern life can wear me down. You? This affirming Seder gave me a lift I plan on holding onto for as long as I'm able.    

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