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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Got Three Words?

Compromise, laughter, trust.

All day yesterday, as my wife and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date in 1978, I'd planned to close the day publishing a blog post about our reasonably healthy long term partnership inspired by a NY Times feature called What We've Learned.

Compromise, laughter, trust. 

After several false starts, I gave up around midnight and then resumed trying first thing this a.m. But my usual model of asking questions (e.g. What have you discovered are the critical elements to help a long term partnership thrive?) and aiming for three terse paragraphs just wasn't working. I'm grateful beyond measure for the life my wife and I have shared for forty one years. And, like all long term partnerships - like yours - we've struggled. Still, for me, at least this moment, three words nail it.  

Compromise, laughter, trust.

Got three words that nail it for you?  

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