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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Marketing Run Amok

Own a business? Display your ad to a captive audience. Right here.

First questions are for the men. Seen enticing words similar to those on the wall above a urinal lately? Ever think of yourself as a captive audience while urinating? If you're a business owner, how likely would you be to display your ad right here? What would you say is a reasonable expectation for a return on your investment? Business owner or not, if an ad placed in a location like this did entice you, would you rely on your memory for the particulars or would you return to the urinal in question with a writing implement or your phone? Or, do you already carry one of those with you when you pee? If yes, where do you usually place those items while doing your business?

Women - Ever since my recent experience with the ludicrous iteration of marketing run amok that opens this post, I've been wondering: Have any of you had a similar experience while in a bathroom stall? Or, are there already advertisements ambushing you on the inside doors you routinely face? Skip the question about being a captive audience. But, women business owners: What would you say to the two questions I asked of men? Finally, do you share my wife's habit of often taking a purse into bathroom stalls? If yes, then the last questions I asked of men about writing implements or a phone could be moot for some of you.

Leaving me with a final question for men and women: Available writing implements or handy phone aside - What are the chances you would patronize a business that advertises above a urinal or on the inside door of bathroom stall?


  1. I am a business owner.

    Look around. Everyone is advertising. Why not above the urinal. But it will not work for everyone. It's all about the type of business, the Ad and the Location. Or said another way, the 4 P's of Marketing. There are probably locations where we would test & learn with this type of advertising.

    In today's day and age if an ad catches your attention you simply "snap a pic" or scan a QR code. I always wind up reading them but have never snapped a pic or executed a search against what I read.

    Personally I find the urinal advertisement less invasive than the constant stream of ads served with re-targeting platforms throughout social media and web browsers all day.

    Unless the ad was grossly inappropriate it would not stop me from patronizing a place of business.

    Finally, I'll leave you with this as a well placed ad above a urinal: "do you visit urinals too often? Are you over 50? Perhaps it's time to see us " DR. FEELGOOD

    1. Chris; Certainly a different perspective than mine. So, if you did decide to place an ad over a urinal for your business, what would you consider to be an adequate return on your investment? As far as "snapping a pic" or "scanning a QR code" I guess that means either a.) you would return to the urinal in question to do that IF the ad had enticed you or … b.) you do have your phone with you when you do your business. If it's b.) then I come back to this. Where do you place said phone while in the act? Thanks, as always for reading and commenting. DR. FEELGOOD

    2. Phone in left pocket, wallet in right!