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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Who Needs Perfection?

Before stopping full time work in 2010, mild obsessive that I am, I listed the things I would do on a perfect day when no job demanded my attention. Yesterday nearly hit the mark.

* Early in the day, I had a stimulating conversation with my partner of forty-one years.
* I spent the morning teaching a class to people who share my passion for music.
* After returning home, I meditated, read for a while, talked on the phone with one of my sisters.
* I had dinner and another stimulating conversation with my other sister and my wife.
* Soon after, the three of us discussed one of my favorite novels - The Poisonwood Bible - with a book club group I started a few years ago.
* Before bed, I got lost in my guitar for hours. The entry into my musical reverie began with a Kurt Weill tune called Speak Low.  

Missing from that list? Exercise, writing, some kind of charity work and/or volunteering. And, there was the minor annoyance of someone making an unwanted appearance at the book club meeting. No matter. End-to-end, yesterday was one for the books. What did your last nearly perfect day look like?     


  1. Wow!! Hard act to follow.
    My good day started by attending your very interesting class at Brookdale and then meeting with other retirees for book club.

    1. Norma; Thanks so much for reading my blog and making a comment and special thanks for saying my class contributed to your good day. What book did you discuss at your club?

  2. Hello Pat. I've finally taken the time to start reading your Blog. I had been telling myself to do this since you first invited us during the "Two of Us' class at Brookdale started. But, as Mr. Lennon wrote, 'Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans'. Anyway, I retired on January 1 of this year, after 46 years of full time work, 33 with my last employer. Looking for that 'perfect day' is sometimes a challenge, but one that I am thankful to have the opportunity to do. Time with my grandsons is always perfect. And now that my wife has also retired, spending time together is great. I've started to do some of the things I had wanted to do for some time. Exercising more, finally starting to practice my guitar more (although still not nearly enough), seeing more shows and hopefully performing in some again, and taking classes, such as yours at Brookdale. As an aside, I am loving every moment and wish it could go on longer. The knowledge you have of music, mixed with the wonderful enthusiasm and passion you have while teaching it ... it's been a wonderful experience and you can count on seeing me in future classes that you teach. As for that 'perfect day' ... Well, I'll keep doing what I like, being with who I want to be with, and from that I'm sure some form of perfection will result. Thanks again for inviting us to read your blog. It will take me some time to catch up on the older posts, but I'll do my best. And I'm also interested in some of the authors/books you reference in some other posts. So reading more will be added to that elusive search for the perfect day. Thanks Pat.

    1. Anonymous: Wow, what a treat it was to read this. I'm so glad you're enjoying my class; I love your John Lennon quote. I started a series on this blog a few years ago I call "Words For The Ages" and that particular John Lennon lyric was the first one I used to kick off that series - how's that for great minds thinking alike? Ha! Best of luck in your retirement and remember - "nearly" perfect is good enough. As far as "catching up" on my older posts, I'm afraid you'll need new glasses to finish that task. But, I'm thrilled I've given you ideas for some books to read. You made my day with that comment alone. Thanks for reading and your generous comment.