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Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Land Of Ambition Overload

Being goal oriented has mostly served me well. What can complicate matters is my propensity for capturing those goals in writing. Case in point - the post directly below from seven years ago today. I'm sure you remember it.


See what I mean? Wait, you didn't click on the link and read it? OK, second chance; I'll wait.


Yeah, that 2013 project - even with a proposed end date of 2038 - was tossed into the "What the hell was I thinking when I committed to that?" bucket quite some time ago. But until re-reading my post, I'd conveniently forgotten my wild-eyed ambition. In fairness, I give myself credit for sincerely and dutifully starting the twenty-five year slog, but, all was lost when the reading partner who'd suggested our joint odyssey told me he hadn't even begun not long after I foolishly hit "publish" on my blog. Full disclosure: I was relieved but still let him feel guilty for his lassitude. Talk about taking the low road.

Care to join me in today's confession booth and own up to any long range projects or goals you've abandoned? Would be nice to have some company here in the land of ambition overload.

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