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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

A Year To Remember

In 2020, it appears I'll be away from home more than I have in forty-four years. Thankfully, my time away this year is by choice vs. 1976 when my work life as a musician had me on the road continually. What do you best remember about a year in your life when you were away from home a great deal? Was it work, pleasure, family obligations, or something else that took you away? What did you miss most about home?

The primary factor driving the uptick in travel this year is my wife's decision to let her longstanding business wind down and the added free time that gives us to indulge our wanderlust. For three weeks spread out over 2020, she'll be leading Road Scholar excursions in the Adirondacks - something she started last year - and I'll be tagging along on at least one of those with a bag of books and my guitar. 

But first, in early spring, will be our Southern States Swing, an extended road trip taking us to the last two States I've never visited - Alabama & Mississippi - as well as two more National Parks. In the fall we're re-uniting for the fifth time in Acadia National Park - one of our favorite places - with fourteen people we met in Alaska in 2015 on our first Road Scholar adventure.

Squeezed in between all that are some additional hiking and camping getaways but the capstone will be our trip to Peru late this year, our first time in South America. It's shaping up to be a year to remember.


  1. We hope you have safe and wonderful journeys!

    1. Peter; Thanks for reading, commenting, and for your well wishes.