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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Go For A Canon Hat Trick?

What acclaimed novel more than fifty years old most recently moved you in a big way?

Starting my book journals in 2010, I pledged to finish at least one classic novel each year. And though I've often exceeded that pledge, my level of involvement and enjoyment with these books has been mixed, at best. This has sometimes made me feel a bit dense.

If I'd started with The Good Soldier (1915 - Ford Madox Ford) and The End of The Affair (1951 - Graham Greene) - the first set of back-to-back novels more than fifty years old that have worked for me in a big way - would the others have gone down easier? Or, did my earlier struggles with novels that are not contemporary better prepare me for these? If I decide to go for a hat trick, what do you suggest as an "older" title?

Could it be my reading rhythms are simply more in sync with the late twentieth century? Anyway, one classic each year is a pledge worth retaining, right? 


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