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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Those Drums

"You can offer no finer gift or higher honor to the world than to find out what your 'drum' is and then play it for all it is worth." - from Teach Like A Pirate by Dave Burgess

Weeks ago, a reader included that quote in a comment made here. Ever since, I've reflected on all the rich 'drum' stories waiting to be told. Reflection gave way to fantasy as I imagined how energizing it would be to get thousands of responses to a few prompts:

* At what age did you discover your "drum"? Or, are you still searching for it?

* Describe one of your best moments when you played your 'drum'  "... for all it is worth."

* Recount a drum story about someone you know who offered their "... gift ... to the world."

* Of people you've known well, what percentage would you say play their drum for all it is worth? What prevents any of us from doing so?

Back on earth, i.e. fantasy aside, do me a favor, please. Whether you respond here or not, try using one or more of these prompts when the next good opportunity presents itself. I suspect the ensuing conversation will be gratifying. Then, tell me and others about those drums.     


  1. Hi Pat. I meant to thank you for this post when I saw it. Then I sent it to Dave and some other Pirate friends and letting you know slipped my mind. I'm sorry! This was an awesome challenge and led to great discussion in my classroom. Thank you, Pat! d.

    1. d; To say your comment made my week would not be adequate. I'm thrilled that you ... 1.) Used the prompts in your classroom ... 2.) Forwarded the post to Dave (do you know him personally?) ... 3.) Gave me the quote to start ... 4.) Remembered to tell me. I'm on a cloud.