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Wednesday, February 26, 2020

To Be Continued

If you read The Overstory (2018) and were anything less than knocked out, best to stop reading now. Actually, non-readers, those who eschew novels, and anyone who was unmoved by this masterwork, be advised: At least a few more near future reflections about Richard Powers's tour-de-force will be necessary because ...

* The usual brevity of my posts is inadequate for a book of this superhuman scope.
* I'll be processing this novel for a long time. Writing about it will help the glow remain with me.
* Every additional post I publish about The Overstory increases the likelihood of connecting with the kind of discerning readers I yearn to interact with, virtually or otherwise.

OK, so pick your domain. Like a plot that keeps you involved? Rich, multi-dimensional characters? Provocative ideas, imaginatively delivered? Enjoy prose that stops you in your tracks with surprises that feel organic? Dialogue that sounds like real people talking and an innovative architecture?

Aside from providing all of the above, The Overstory helped me see a healthy future for the novel as an art form. Enough gushing for one post.

To be continued.


  1. Gush away! I absolutely loved this book and read it a second time before a book club at my house recently. I was really disappointed that the ladies in this group did not share my enthusiasm for this book. It is gratifying to see that you did!

    1. Ines; I'm not surprised that ... 1.) You loved this book and ... 2.)that the ladies in your book club group did not. I would never pick this for a club for exactly the reason you stated, i.e. I would be so bummed if others did not share my enthusiasm. And much as I'm a little ashamed to admit it, I'm afraid my reactions to anyone who didn't "get" this book wouldn't be kind. Powers is after some big ideas in this brilliant book and my inner snob would likely rear its ugly head if others missed his thrust.

  2. Seriously...do you get a commission? Because you KNOW I now will need to go get a copy of this book. Thanks, Pat!


    1. d; If you do read this, promise me you'll get back in touch about your reactions. To say I was blown away is way too mild. If I hadn't read "A Visit From The Goon Squad" in 2011, I would've said this was the best novel I've finished in the last decade. And the more I process The Overstory, it's possible it could overtake Goon Squad. Thanks for reading and commenting.