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Thursday, March 5, 2020

Conversation On The Southern States Swing

What do you most look forward to when planning a vacation with someone? As we get closer to our upcoming Southern States Swing, the amount of time my wife and I will have to converse as we drive is near the top of my list.

Over our forty-two years, I've been struck more than a few times at how the two of us rarely tire of talking to each other. And though I've never done a tally, I suspect our conversations have been the direct inspiration for perhaps ten percent of my 1800+ blog posts. I try hard not to take this gift for granted.

I'm grateful for our shared history, what we have in common - especially the daughter we cherish - and the way I can still be surprised by how different we are from each other. As our long road trip nears, I'm anxious to know more of my wife's story and want to hear her evolving views on current events. I eagerly anticipate our continuing discussions of books we've read, music and films we can't agree on. And I'm confident she is looking forward to all those conversations - and others - as well. It will be a good trip, provided I'm on my best driving behavior.    

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