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Friday, March 27, 2020

Three And A Trailer To Check Out

Although this crisis has me a bit frayed around the edges, it has also allowed me to indulge my indiscriminate movie jones with less guilt. What films have you seen during this enforced isolation that you want to recommend to others? Use my three headings or invent your own.

Nicest surprise: As someone with no interest in cars or racing, and despite its Oscar nod, it's likely I would have skipped Ford Vs. Ferrari indefinitely. But being indoors more than usual combined with a $5.00 rental fee created the perfect storm. And I love being surprised by movies when the subject matter has little intrinsic interest for me. Aside from the acting of the two stars - uniformly first rate - Tracy Letts knocked it out of the park as Henry Ford II.

Most worthwhile re-watch: Watching Terry Gilliam's inventive Twelve Monkeys (1995) reminded me of two things: 1.) Why I've never been a Bruce Willis fan and ... 2.) Why Brad Pitt is one of the most under-rated actors of his generation. Gilliam's films are not for everyone; his movies can be dark and confusing. But the atmosphere he creates help his films stand apart. Not a dystopia geek? Skip Twelve Monkeys and proceed directly to The Fisher King. I'm still fantasizing about meeting Gilliam one day and turning him onto author Neil Gaiman's equally perverse imagination.

Sleeper (with bonus) to consider: It's dark like Twelve Monkeys, and a few scenes are graphically violent, but I'm confident saying I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore will surprise you in a wholly plausible way. I'm proud to say this low budget film with no huge names reminded me - in all the best ways - of the short my daughter and her writing partner are ready to submit to film festivals. The link directly below will take you to the trailer for that short, entitled Brown Bagger. If you watch it and are intrigued, write to me here or offline. If you're left blase, keep that to yourself.



  1. I was not sure how I would like Ford Vs. Ferrari either other than the casting but rather enjoyed the film as well for its story-line. Pat, you are right as far as the performance of actor Tracy Letts. I have enjoyed his performance in Homeland for some time.