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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Silver Linings

What have been some benefits social distancing has had on your life these past few days?

* With libraries closed and trips to book stores discouraged, I'm devouring stuff that's languished in my home library for a while. Who knows? If this goes on for a while, I may get to a long postponed  goal of reading the entire Dickens and Shakespeare collection I've owned since the late 1970s. Maybe I'll start a virtual book club to discuss those classics? Anyone?

* Been fun sharing some cooking duties - sous chef, mostly - with my wife. Full disclosure: I'm still going out every day for at least one cup of to-go coffee at WAWA. Some habits die hard, you know?
* Restorative walks on the beach, which beckon without pandemics, have become a good remedy for cabin fever. Although I rarely take this gift for granted, it's a clear benefit right now I'm especially grateful for.

I'd like to hear your silver linings. And I'm confident others would as well. I'll save the whining, which my wife has heard, for a blog post on a day I don't use Facebook.       


  1. Silver linings here at the Maccaroni household:
    Delivering lunches to my students who usually only get their meals at school
    Extra time with my own children who amaze me more and more each day
    Extra time to write and read
    Getting my running in more easily
    Having the time to actually process all the feelings that are running through my heart
    The reminder that I am the rock for my children, students and many of the adults in my life

    There are many more, I am sure...thank you, Pat, for being a voice of optimism!


    1. d; You're so welcome. I love your list and confident anyone who reads it will feel the same.

  2. Having the entire family under 1 roof is great...family dinners, playing with the dog, yard work, small projects.

    The most restorative experience for me is the sunrise and ocean in Belmar. It screams opportunity and that everything will be okay.

    1. Chris; Thanks for reading (as always) and your comment. I love your silver linings and guess what? I suspect last Sunday at your place might be the last time in a while I'm in a room with more than a few people. I hope not too long. FYI, be sure to look for my next post (a day or so), it will be the latest (in a long line) of pathetic attempts to get sports fans to read my blog - you'll get a laugh, guaranteed. Stay safe!

  3. Thanks Pat. I have done a deep dive into Zoom this week so that I could teach a free Nia class online last night. Interesting from a physical, mental and emotional point of view: learning new technology, trepidation, building confidence as in "I can do this!" This is a work in progress especially since Zoom was developed for video conferencing not a dance movement class that has music. What a welcome distraction from the constant barrage of COVID 19 news! Hope you and Kim are well.

    1. Ines; Thanks for commenting. I know what you mean about technology; I did some online teaching years ago but doing it for a NIA class would present some unique challenges. We're doing OK over here; hope the same is true for you & David. Doesn't our last book club meeting seem like much more than a week and a half ago? How quickly our world can change.

  4. Spending more time meditating and yoga-ing :)

    1. Alison; Now there's a good use of time. How about a virtual class for your Mother and I?