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Sunday, March 15, 2020

"X" Marks The Spot

"Only connect": EM Forster

When I began this blog nine years ago today, I had one modest goal: to connect. Anything that might happen aside from connecting - whatever that connection looked like - would be a bonus.

As it turns out, all the unanticipated bonuses have been related to either my creative life or my sense of being meaningfully engaged in my life. I reflect regularly on the way writing this blog has helped me better maintain daily focus and how declaring a goal publicly here contributes to holding myself accountable for goals. The creative payoff for paying more attention to everything - conversations, relationships, passions - has been immeasurable. It's difficult to overstate how paying more attention - a clear bonus connected to the discipline of publishing this - has enhanced my life these nine years.

And the connections? Although I always yearn for more of those, the right ones manage to arrive at opportune times. Thanks to those of you who comment here, regularly or infrequently, known to me or anonymous. Thanks to the many folks who have commented offline, in whatever fashion. Thanks to the rare readers who stumble onto an old post and remind me of something I'd ranted about, riffed on, resolved to do. Reading those reminds me how some things stay the same as others things shift. As I start my tenth year, please continue to tell me the best way to stay connected to you. 


  1. Just please keep writing!!! I thoroughly enjoy the connection I feel to you when I get to read your mind on here.


  2. I too enjoy your blog as you must know by now! Awareness and attention are key. They are two things I work on practicing daily.

  3. Donna & Ines; It's support from folks like you two that keep me energized. Thanks for that!