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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Stephen and I

Despite sincere attempts any of us make to avoid information about celebrities, it's hard to fully escape them, isn't it? The 24/7 news cycle, the Internet, and TVs in every available public space virtually guarantee routine exposure to these ubiquitous people. In my case, add in regular reading of the NY Times and a few weekly news magazines and what I end up with is an unintentional diet rich with the rich and famous.

Though I'm embarrassed admitting it, taking in all this celebrity garbage - despite my best efforts at avoiding doing so - has infrequently and perversely congealed into a fantasy I'm about to reveal. But prior to mortifying myself, I feel obligated to mention a few things I'm confident about: 1.) Only the bravest of you will join me in this particular bell curve confession booth but ..  2.) I know this fantasy is not mine alone. 

OK, so why do I think Stephen King and I would get along famously?
* Our politics are fully aligned.
* He's been married to the same woman for almost fifty years and obviously values his family life.
* He's an unabashed music and film fan, plays a pretty good guitar, and reads like a man possessed.
* Despite his massive popularity, he has no illusions about his place in the literary firmament, i.e. he is a grounded human being. Further evidence: He still lives in the state he was born in.

Based on reading King's exceptional memoir - On Writing - several years ago and most recently, an interview in the NY Times Sunday magazine a few weeks back, I've got more data to support my nonsensical fantasy. But it's your turn now. Who is someone known to millions - someone you will never meet - that you are sure could be your BFF? Evidence to support your ridiculous star-eyed conjecture?           


  1. Great class last week
    Thought you might be interested in this
    Sundays withStephen

    1. Lauta; Great having you in class. And, thanks for the tip re "Sundays With Stephen". After I check it out how do I re-contact you to tell you what I think?

  2. Sorry for the slow response
    Life gets in the way
    Reach me anytime at lpkammer@gmail.com
    I’m heading to Florida be back in NJ in May
    LMK if you are teaching anywhere next summer