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Saturday, January 9, 2021

A Prayer

 Who could have reasonably predicted that the title I used for my blog post on December 28 - Everything Can Change In An Instant - would be needed again so soon? 

That earlier post was a response to challenges remaining front and center in my life. Then, before I caught my breath, three days ago, a different life-altering event took place. This one was televised. And everything changed in an instant, again. 

Although I'm not inclined to pray, I hope anyone reading this post will consider joining me in prayer this one time. I pray that we get through this crisis without more people dying. I pray that our elected officials re-discover the meaning of the word compromise. I pray that we - all sane Americans - fully internalize Gandhi's words: "Become the change you wish to see in the world."


  1. Good morning, Pat, and thanks for another timely blog post. I would imagine it would be difficult to think that anyone was immune from the insanity, and insidious behavior, that was displayed this past Wednesday. To become the embarrassment of the world ... Never in my lifetime, or anytime, would I have thought it possible. Even with the current president. As I’m writing this comment, there are 10 more days to go. Hoping for a resignation, as that would be easiest and quickest, but knowing that it will never happen. Hoping that nothing else happens between now and January 20. But also thankful for the coming change in administrations. I join you in your request for prayers. Even though, as you said, I am also not usually inclined to prayer. To add to your wonderful closing quote... I hope Mr. Trump doesn’t know Ghandi’s words. We’ve seen what that could mean.
    Be well, Pat. Stay Safe.

    1. RRGRMG; You're welcome and thanks right back at you for endorsing and joining me in (rare for me) prayer. I never stopped to consider how a lunatic like the tweeter-in-chief could distort even the words of Gandhi but your observation is spot-on. Fortunately, I don't think there is cause for concern since he has never expressed any interest in reading anything longer than a tweet, let alone a book. The chances of him being familiar with any of Gandhi's words are quite low, I suspect.