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Sunday, February 28, 2021

A Longing For Dull

"The lack of new inventory in the U.S. housing market was this week's most widely read story."

What a relief it was seeing that in the weekly news summary of yesterday's NY Times. Before reading that utterly mundane statement, I didn't realize an unconscious yearning I'd been harboring - a return to boring news. This is what four full years of chaotic, attention-seeking, non-stop tweets has done to me - a longing for dull. 

I know this respite will be short lived. Human tragedies and natural disasters are always nearby. Still, the near constant dread I felt beginning in late January of 2017 has begun to dissipate, a little. Though I have valued novelty for much of my life, for now, I prefer predictable. And when bad news comes - and it will come - I won't be happy. But without all the noise in between, I'm confident I'll be more resilient. 

I'm enjoying the moment.  



  1. Good morning, Pat. I have to agree that after the last 4 years of constant and inane tweets, ending with those wonderful lies and conspiracy theories, I, too, am thankful for the dull. I would add that there is normalcy at the 'top' again. And I know there are various interpretations of 'normal' but I'm sure there will be some agreement found. This Sunday gave the media a bit more to cover with a specific speech that was given. Thankfully there are many, many, other channels to choose from that don't include the ramblings of a/an (insert adjective here). And newspapers, hard copy or online, allow me to pass with a single swipe of the hand.
    I'm also enjoying the moment and look forward to these moments increasing.
    Be well ..

    1. Bob; Thanks for the comment. Sunday did indeed bring a little bit of the noise back but I was better able to withstand it knowing it would be short-lived. Anything is bearable in short doses.

  2. Hurrah for the dull and mundane. One issue is that there is too much oxygen being given to the former "Tweeter in Chief." Focus on other things mundane and important vis a vis GOVERNING is welcomed by me.

    1. Ines; Thanks for the comment and support. I also would welcome cutting off that oxygen but .. isn't it marvelous the ex-Chief can't tweet anymore? It's kind of peaceful not having to tolerate his noise and limited vocabulary.