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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

It's Still Not Over?

Considering how many people outside of Punxsutawney ever pay attention, does it strike anyone else as odd that of all the movies ever made about holidays few have come close to being as good as Groundhog Day?  What would be your nomination for a holiday film that is the equal of Harold Ramis's goofy 1993 masterpiece?

Although I'm not a big Bill Murray fan, Groundhog Day is on the short list of films I've watched more than once. Of the several priceless bits in the movie, my favorite is probably Sonny & Cher warbling I Got You Babe on the clock radio that awakens Murray's character as he endlessly repeats February 2nd - brilliant song choice. What alternative tune would you pick as a way to aurally depict a nightmare you can't escape? My top nominations would be either one of those treacly ballads Michael Bolton screamed during his brief but painful popularity or the musical torture inflicted on us by I-get-paid-by-the-sixteenth-note Kenny G.

Musical snarkiness aside, which bit from Groundhog Day plays over and over and over in your mind? And, if you were able to repeat a single day from your life which one would you choose?


  1. I was at the dentist this past week. The assistand and I chatted briefly about what it felt like during this pandemic and she said: Ground Hog Day. I laughed and agreed that on certain days I wake up and have to spend a few minutes figuring out what day it is! That doesn't answer your questions but relates to what some of us are experiencing in these strange times.

  2. Sorry for the typo....assistant....

    1. Ines; I agree this pandemic has made the Bill Murray movie seem even more relevant than ever. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Hi Pat. It is funny how many references to Groundhog Day are made when referring to this pandemic. I've heard it quite a number of times and, from reading above, so have some your readers. I've always enjoyed the movie, and , at times, am a Bill Murray fan. Along the same lines, and deviating from your post for a moment, I find Mr. Murray to be funny but also tiresome. I feel the same way about Will Ferrel and Jim Carey. They're funny. They're talented. But after a while it's just the same schtick over and over. But I digress.
    One of the best parts of the movie, one that usually has me laughing, is when he first goes for piano lessons and offers the teacher $1000. Upon hearing that, she kicks out the poor little girl student. The look on the little girls face is priceless and I don't think gets enough credit.
    Nomination for Holiday Film - Let the arguments begin - Die Hard. And despite what (I read somewhere) Bruce Willis has said 'that it's not a Christmas Movie' I think it is.
    Now, would I like to repeat a single day from my life? The easy answer is Yes. The more difficult answer would be 'which one'. And, although not a single day, but more of a time frame, I would go with 1975 - My final year of High School and first year at Brookdale. For so many reasons they are some of the best memories - such great friends, so much fun, less responsibility (of course - lol). But for any of these times, it would have be at that time. With the same people. Living the same experiences. Not 'going back in time' to see those days. Although I have always been fascinated with the concept of Time Travel ... Wait, I'm digressing again. Oh, the possibilities.
    Be well, Pat. Stay Safe

  4. RRGRMG; Thanks for the comment. Intriguing choice of 'Die Hard'; would never have occurred to me as a holiday movie. So happens 1975 is a year that lives fondly in my memories as well. But that is indeed another story.

  5. I think I remember Bill Murray's car nosediving into a quarry and blowing up. (?) Yes? I have always been a sucker for those kinds of movie stunts.
    Best day (s)? So freaking many to choose from, too many, but actually, and strangely enough, 1975 was the year my wife Karen and I met. There were some incredible memorable moments that year. One such was a evening date in my flat on the East Side of Milwaukee, where I played the entire cut of "Sex Machine" from Sly and the Family Stone's album "Stand!" for our listening pleasure. It is admittedly overlong but it's fun to hear Sly laugh at the end. And yes we smoked cigarettes too, before, during and after.

    1. Steve; You are correct bout the scene in the quarry, although of course, Bill lives to do that over and over; it is Groundhog Day, after all. And what a funny coincidence that 1975 was a memorable year for you as it was for RRGRMG above. Thanks, as always, for commenting.