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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Construction Begins On #61

Even casual readers of my blog are probably aware of my Mt. Rushmore series, approaching iteration #61. Today's post marks the first time since the inception of the series in 2012 when I'm enlisting help from readers before construction begins. Think of yourselves as structural engineering consultants. 

Though I didn't do a Google search, I'm confident saying there are three words most likely to be used in the most song titles: love, man, woman. I'm calling on you to supply me with four Mt. Rushmore song nominations each using one of those three words, along with just a single word preceding it. The fourth song for Mt. Rushmore #61 can repeat any of those three words, again, with just a single word preceding it. Ready to begin construction? Here's an example with just three (vs. four) song titles to get you started:

Everlasting loveOld man, Evil woman

I'll forgive any of you who want to use any of those songs - by Robert Knight, Neil Young, and ELO respectively - although I'd prefer you nominating four without including any of them. Feel free to use Google - if you must - to locate songs fitting the criteria, tunes you think worthy of enshrining. Then, be patient as I unveil my monument a short time after. In case you're wondering, I've already complied a list of candidates with first words that cover every letter of the alphabet except q,x,and z in front of all three frequently used second words. And, I didn't use Google. But, should one of your nominations surpass any song I've already listed, one of yours could end up on my mountain. In that case, you're due for a raise as my top structural engineering consultant. Now get to work.


  1. Ok Pat, I’ve tried. The “woman” one is bugging me. Not crazy about anything that comes to mind for that one. So, as with any creative endeavor, I’d like to call upon artist prerogative. Here’s my list:

    Crazy Love, Poco
    Better Man, 5 Seconds of Summer
    Such a Woman, Neil Young
    Good Man, Good Woman, Bonnie Raitt

    Good challenge. Thank you!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your beautiful family!!!


    1. d; This is a GREAT effort. The latter three songs are unfamiliar to me (i.e. not on the list I bragged about); I love that! And Poco's Crazy Love - although on my list - is high in the queue for making it to my Mt. Rushmore #61. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family as well. Be sure to give you-know-who a big hug from me. It's good to see a comment from you; I missed your input these last few months.

  2. My first entry was disqualified due to rules infractions (too many words): When a Man Loves a Woman. But it has all three words, so should get extra points. Also came up with Witchy Woman, Endless Love, and Ramblin' Man, although only Witchy Woman is a favorite of mine. Oh and Nowhere Man. I guess John Lennon's Woman would also be disqualified (too few words) but it should be in my Mount Rushmore.

  3. Sweetheart; Because that great Percy Sledge song uses all three words - love, man, & woman - no matter what four songs I select for Mt. Rushmore #61, you will get a special mention for hitting the jackpot with that timeless tune. And, not only did I not think of that song (shame on me) but I also did NOT have either Endless Love (a GREAT, if corny song) or Ramblin Man on my bragged-about list. Your musical instincts have disappointed me only once - i.e. that Grateful Dead cassette in your car in 1978, the year we met; quite a record. Thanks for the excellent potential contributions to my still-to-be-unveiled Mt. Rushmore #61.
    p.s. I know you dislike my "rules"; I call them guidelines but, no matter. For the record, not that you need it or care, but you always have permission to violate any of those rules/guidelines.

  4. Good morning, Pat. My choices for your consideration are:
    1. Baby Love - The Supremes. Although never a huge fan, I did enjoy their music. And also offered in memory of Mary Wilson.
    2. The Married Men - The Roches. I know this is actually 3 words, but I just love their harmonies and I would never pass up a chance to have them in any conversation.
    3. Evil Ways - Santana. Different vocalists through the years but the guitar playing of Carlos Santana ... one of the best.
    4. Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynryd - Just a great song.
    Hope you’re doing well and staying safe.

    1. RRGRMG; Well, both "Baby Love" and Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man" are NOT on my bragged-about list (although Graham Nash's "Simple Man" is) so, both of them go into the pot for consideration. You are an official structural engineering consultant. And, despite the extra "the" in "The Married Men" that one would have made it (I love the Roches!) if it weren't "men" vs. the asked-for "man". Sorry for nitpicking. I am confused by the great Santana song you nominated because that one has neither love, man, or woman in its title. But, no matter; I love Santana without reservation so all is well. And I agree 100% it doesn't matter who is singing as long as Carlos is wailing in the background. Look for Mt. Rushmore #61 soon to see if either "Baby Love" or "Simple Man" makes my mountain. I'm giving nothing away until I'm sure everyone who wants to contribute gets a chance. Thanks for your effort.

    2. Nit pick away, my friend. Rules are rules and I failed to follow them as requested. And, looking back, I’m not sure why I went with Evil Ways. I’m going to say that I read ‘Evil Woman’ and went with Evil for some unknown reason. I saw that I did that after I hit send. I’m glad we agree that it’s a good song, just the same. Definitely looking forward to seeing Mount Rushmore # 61. Be well.

  5. OK Pat, here it goes although Mt Rushmore's lofty heights might not be totally apropos for some or all of my selections, I hereby offer:
    1) Tainted Love - by Soft Cell (Get your 80's on!)
    2) Confidence Man - by The Jeff Healey Band (great blues rock cut also from the 80's; is this a trend? I am stuck in this decade? Is anybody out there?!!)
    3) American Woman - The Guess Who (Dada da da da, dada da da da, dada da da da, ooh! American Woman, stay away from me...)
    4) My Love - Celine Dion. Great melody, heartfelt lyrics. It has a great descending bass line lifted from directly from the Beatles "Let It Be".

    1. Hey Steve; Yet another great effort; my blog readers may be small in number but they are mighty in song prowess. To be fair to the earlier commenters, here is your scorecard: Three songs NOT on my bragged-about list, including two (Jeff Healey and Celine Dion) previously unfamiliar to me (I Love that!). Only "Tainted Love" was on my master list, and though never a serous contender for my Mt. Rushmore, it is certainly worthy of anyone's consideration for their own monument.