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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Birthday? Anniversary? Just Another Day?

As my eleventh consecutive year of blogging approaches tomorrow, I'm still deciding how to celebrate this later-in-life milestone. Any ideas? Before suggesting anything, consider both COVID-19 and the fact that I'm unable to venture much further than a few blocks from where I've been living since early January. Aside from those two limitations, I'm wide open. 

What have ten full years of blogging taught me? 

* No kernel of inspiration - no matter how small - should be discarded, i.e. many posts that ended up satisfying me the most started with a tossed off, mundane detail captured in my notebook.

* Avoid trying to predict what will land with readers, i.e. my most popular posts are, more often than not, those that got less upfront thought. 

* Keep expectations exceedingly modest, i.e. wanting "more" - views, comments, feedback - leads to frequent disappointment. More important, wanting more makes it easier to forget how grateful I am for the folks who read, comment, and provide feedback regularly. Thank you to those folks; you have sustained me since March 15, 2011.

(Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da - They say it's your birthday)

Reflections From The Bell Curve: Maiden Voyage



  1. Read: Maiden Voyage Post: 1. You aren't "average." Not sure what adjective would work but not that one. LOL! 2. You have made "meaningful connections." Just look at many of the comments! 3. Love: "Let's discover together." Perhaps make that a tagline?????

    1. Ines; Thanks for comment and positive feedback about meaningful connections. And, I like your idea of making "Let's discover together" a tagline. I'll look for an organic way to include it as much as possible in future posts.

  2. 11 years? Wow that's impressive! I'll have a beer for you!

  3. Bravo, Pat! Cheers to 11 years and many more. Your nuanced and impressive breadth of commentary is a treasure and a treat. I'll consume a boiler maker in your honor. : - )

    1. Steve; Thanks for the encouragement and kind words. Mostly, thanks for continuing to read and comment regularly. And when we next meet - which I hope will be sooner vs. later - I'll look forward to having my first-ever boiler maker with you, my friend.

  4. Congratulations on 11 years, Pat. I'm a newbie to your Blog but have enjoyed reading your posts and have taken the opportunity to go back to read some of your earlier ones either because of a suggestion in a current post or on my own to see what other subjects yo've written about.
    I'm glad that we had the chance to meet through one of your classes - and, again, I look forward to when classes are able to resume - and that it introduced me to your Blog.
    Looking forward to what your future writings will bring.
    Be well ...

    1. Bob; Thank you, thank you, thank you. The fact that you've gone back and read even a smattering of my earlier posts made my day; honest. And I too am glad we had the opportunity to get acquainted via one of my classes and look forward to seeing you at a future class when they resume. It looks like that might happen this fall. I'm hoping to get two classes on the BCC in late 2021.