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Friday, March 5, 2021

Groundhog Year

 Reflections From The Bell Curve: Conversation On The Southern States Swing

Exactly one year ago when I published the post above, who could have predicted how upside down the world would be for the remainder of 2020? Not only did my wife and I not take that swing through the southern states last spring, we barely left the house until the end of May, cancelled all four of our other planned trips - including a December jaunt to Peru - and, ZOOM became the default for communicating with others through the large part of the year.  

Since we are now re-planning the same trip - for almost the same time one full year later - my post from March 5 of last year can stand as the post for the same date this year. Forget about Groundhog Day - 2020 was Groundhog Year.

p.s. I'm still looking forward to that five or six weeks of conversation when my wife and I hit the road in mid-April. And, I'm also keeping my fingers crossed COVID-20 stays put wherever it lies dormant.    


  1. I love the term Groundhog year. It says it all. I have often used Groundhog day to describe this crazy time, but Groundhog year also works! We had a short trip in January and then nothing. We were supposed to go to Alaska with my daughter and her husband to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Probably won't happen until 2022. Sigh. I miss the planning and anticipation of vacations. Enjoy your Southern jaunt.

    1. Ines; Thanks for the comment and positive feedback.