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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Bad News In Bartonstan

Effective July 1, the widget that automatically sends readers an e-mail each time I publish a blog post is being discontinued. I know many of you rely on this feature to remind you to visit Bartonstan. Since I doubt Blogger will re-consider the decision to abandon this feature - despite my non-stop and pathetic begging - I'm searching for ways to ensure I don't lose any of you. If among you sits a savvy techy with a personal friend at Blogger that is inclined to take a bribe, please reach out to me at once with that friend's contact information. Or, anyone with another suggestion - put legality and/or morality aside - I'm all ears.

This is not the first wacky knuckleball Blogger has hurled at me since the inception of my blog in March 2011. Still, as July 1 approaches, please forgive any desperation seeping into my reflections as I continue looking for ways to mitigate this bad news in Bartonstan and keep as many faithful readers as I can. 

And, Facebook friends who have mostly read just the occasional post I put on my wall, I apologize in advance. If Facebook turns into my go-to promotional tool, that wall of mine could end up resembling the graffiti-saturated streets of Athens, unless one of you has a close, unscrupulous friend at Blogger. There is no depth to which I will not stoop.      



  1. I had completely overlooked the possibility of receiving an automatic notification so I always find my way to your latest blog on my own. Don't mind it a bit.

    1. Steve; I'm relieved to learn you never depended on this widget that Blogger has decided to discontinue. I'd be disappointed to lose you as a reader and frequent commenter.

  2. Wow ... I’m sorry to her of this latest development. An obvious attempt to stop free press, or free blogging - lol. And, although I am not tech savvy, and my ability to ‘fix’ things computer related is usually nothing more than not being afraid to try anything (accepting the risk that I may very well break something usually adds to the excitement), I wish I had the answer to this dilemma. But, and as much as I’ve enjoyed receiving the emails, I will continue to follow your blog posts. Being a relative newbie to your posts I’m happy to do my small part.
    Be well, Pat. And continue to fight the good fight.

    1. RRGRMG; I appreciate the fact that you'll continue to follow my ramblings, even without the e-mail notification. Stay tuned to see if I get some technical assistance to help me get dodge the newest knuckleball Blogger has thrown at me!