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Thursday, April 8, 2021

I Recommend Paying For Help

It's possible the significant upheaval in my life since late 2020 has forced me to pay more attention to communication patterns, specifically the way those patterns differ depending on the nature of a relationship. I'm curious to hear what you've observed about this. A few things that have recently become clearer to me:

* It's easier to be unkind when communicating with people we love most. What sometimes helps me avoid taking those I love most for granted is to remind myself to communicate with them the way I would with friends. 

* Destructive communication patterns between members of the family of origin are easily triggered by stress. I've been re-learning this difficult lesson daily for several months now.

* It's never a bad idea to seek help in improving communication skills. Can you name a better way to improve than having a disinterested professional coach you? Unlike your loved ones, your family of origin, and your friends, that third party has no skin in the game. And if you're anything like me, when you're paying for help, you're more receptive to what someone else offers.  



  1. Amen to all three points. #1 resonates the most with me. Be well, Ines

  2. Proud of you for "paying for help" :)

  3. Pat you are absolutely doing the right thing by "paying for help." Moving towards the pain can actually lessen the suffering.

    1. Steve; Thanks for the comment AND the support.