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Sunday, April 25, 2021

You Mean It's Not About Me?


From the day I first realized my daughter's natural singing talent, one of my main goals has been to evolve into a first-rate accompanist. And though I have a long way to go, my progress - especially since I stopped working full time eleven years ago - has been satisfyingly steady. 

Like great editors or character actors, the best accompanists remain unnoticeable, supporting the bigger talent they're privileged to work alongside. One of my challenges playing this role for my daughter has been been dialing down my big personality and bigger ego. I'm guessing many of you wouldn't struggle to remain invisible or have to remind yourselves where the attention belongs. I'm not many of you; attention can be like oxygen to me. 

Now, if instead of me, her mother was my daughter's accompanist, you would not be reading this. Because my partner of forty-three years would never have a blog. Unlike her obnoxious husband, she abhors any attention aimed at her. It's one of life's longest-running mysteries how someone born to be a great editor, character actor, or accompanist ended up with someone who thrives on attention, i.e. me.  

p.s. I'm in hot water even mentioning my wife here although I may get a pass given the youtube link at the top of this post features our daughter. But if that link featured my wife, the dog house would soon be my permanent residence.  


  1. I hardly discount your accompaniment as "unnoticeable." But I guess that's an insult according to you? haha

    1. In truth, I'm not aiming at insulting myself - or any good accompanist - at all. "Unnoticeable" accompaniment is excellent accompaniment, plain and simple. Not an easy task for your dear old Dad but a worthy goal, nonetheless.