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Friday, May 14, 2021

Alabama Gratitude

Soon after graduating high school in 1967, I set one of my first life goals - visiting every state in the U.S. Given I'd been to only the two states most proximate to my own over my first seventeen years, making it to forty-seven more felt daunting at the time, but not insurmountable. 

At 10:45 a.m. yesterday, I crossed the Mississippi state line - #49 - into Alabama - #50. Though I'd often fantasized something memorable might occur as I reached a goal held for over half a century, the moment passed much the same as others. Unremarkable landscape, a song of no particular significance playing on satellite radio, no unexpected weather event suddenly materializing. 

No seed of inspiration blossomed as I crossed that state line and also crossed off a goal from my life list. But shortly after, I began considering the good fortune of my seventy-one years. A satisfying and varied work life, passions that have sustained me, the financial wherewithal to undertake a road trip like this. And most significantly, a wife who continues to indulge her goal-crazy husband even when a goal pre-dates the partnership. When did you last stop to consider your good fortune? And what tops your list? 


  1. Hello Pat. I see from your posts that you and Kim are enjoying your travels. Good for you. Although no where near visiting all 50 states, I am glad for the, almost, half (24) that I have been fortunate to visit … some many times.
    As for my good fortune … where does one begin? Family first, of course. Wonderful parents, siblings, my children and now my grandsons. And my wife, who much like Kim, indulges me in my dreams and desires. And friends - dear friends from long ago and new friends - both are held very dear to me. A successful work career that has allowed my wife and me to retire fairly comfortably … So many things. I’m sure that the ‘top of my list’ changes from time to time, but I have to say that being a grandfather - they call me Pop Pop and I Love that - is so much more than I ever would have imagined.
    Good for you for reaching the 50 State Goal. And for your successful Blog.
    Be well .. stay safe.

    1. Hey Bob; Thanks for your consistent participation and encouraging comments on my blog. Visiting twenty four states is no mean feat; good for you. And even better how clearly you see and appreciate your good fortune. I'm keeping my fingers crossed re that grandfather thing. You are far from alone putting that high on your gratitude list.