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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Reprise: Roaring Twenties Through Rockin' Eighties

Aside from the obvious - i.e. not being to able to freely socialize with family & friends, especially in large groups - what have you missed most during fifteen months of Covid-related isolation? 

Although I didn't realize it until recently contacted to resume in August, teaching music classes tops my list. And as much as being asked to resume juiced me, I was more thrilled to learn the requested class was one I'd taught once back in 2014, meaning development time will be minimal. Such a deal!

In case any local reader is interested in attending this reprise, below is the description for the class I'll be teaching at Brookdale Community College on August 24-26. I look forward to interacting with new folks (especially anyone who reads my blog that I haven't yet met ), re-connecting with former students, and sharing musical communion with anyone who attends. 

Roaring Twenties Through the Rockin' Eighties: The Timeless Appeal of Great Songs: Take a six-hour journey through seven decades of great songs with professional musician and educator Pat Barton. Using lecture, live performance, and recorded music we'll stroll Tin Pan Alley and climb the stairs of the Brill Building at the dawn of the rock n' roll era. The British invasion, explosions in Motown, and the artistry of singer-songwriters all seed the musical soil, helping a stunning hybrid emerge as the 80s unfold. Carried through each era is one unchanging truth - a great song is timeless.


  1. Believe it or not, I miss working from an office.

    1. Anonymous; I fully get that; the socializing aspect - even an office setting - has been difficult for everyone with the possible exception of the unabomber.

  2. Good morning, Pat. I'm excited about the class but, first things first ... I miss going into the City. I always feel a sense of renewal, for some reason, whenever we get off of the train, leave Penn Station and take the steps up to the street - 33rd/34th street and 7th/8th avenue. Rose always laughs when we first hit the street and I take in a deep breath. I love it - Taxi fumes and all. Being able to get together with friends and family definitely made things better, and I'm not quite sure if we're ready to go see a movie just yet, but I'm very much looking forward to the next time I'm able to walk along the streets in NYC. Broadway returns in September !!!!
    OK, to repeat myself, I am excited about the class you'll be teaching in August. Definitely looking forward to being back in a classroom setting - something else I have really missed being able to do - and catching up. Enjoy your travels and see you in August.

    1. Hey Bob; I'm glad to know you're looking forward to the class. And, like you, I also miss more regular visits to NYC (taxi fumes and all!), although my daughter living in Brooklyn has mitigated that a bit, even with Covid; I have to see her, regardless. I also miss the movies. In fact, I wrote an earlier post about that, published since you've been reading my blog, although I suspect you wouldn't remember reading it, given your faithful patronage of my blog. Can't tell you how much that patronage means to me so thanks again (and again).