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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Finally Climbing Out

Being in a movie theater yesterday for the first time since March 2020 brought into sharp focus how weird the last fifteen months have been. What recent signs have you detected hinting we may finally be climbing out of our collective hole, at least here in the U.S.? And for the remainder of 2021, what are you looking forward to doing that Covid stole from you in 2020?

* I'm eagerly anticipating upcoming face-to-face book club discussions as well as resuming meeting with a writers group I've belonged to since 2015.

* I really missed the fifth re-union with our Road Scholar travelling companions in 2020 and look forward to spending time with those fourteen later-in-life soulmates in Acadia National Park this October.

* Not spending time after February of last year with the activist group I joined soon after the 2016 election left a huge gap in my life. I'm thrilled that group is now done with ZOOM, beginning next month.


  1. Hello Pat. Another timely post. Glad to hear that you've ventured out to see a movie. Not sure we're quite there yet, but .. Getting closer. I'm full vaccinated and my wife just had her first dose. Second in 3 weeks. Getting together with family has been happening for a few weeks - some with necessary cautions in place - but its been good. Seeing our children and grandsons was the best part of that. For me, the things that I've missed the most, and as I know I've said once or twice, would have to begin with being in a play. There was hope that something was going to happen this summer, but there wasn't enough time for it to work the way that the director wanted, and deserved. So I'm hoping for something this fall. Next would be, as I've also mentioned previously, heading into the City. I miss NY so much. And with Broadway, and other theaters, opening in a few months, I'm hopeful that being back in the City and enjoying everything that it offers, will happen very soon. Lastly, I miss taking classes. I've done a couple of on line sessions - Webinars and the like - but I miss the personal back and forth. I've always enjoyed the in-person experience so much more. As an aside, I'm looking forward to the class that you mentioned in an earlier post. I've not seen it on Brookdale's web page yet, but I will keep watching for it.
    Be well. The end of this nightmare is within our sights.

    1. Bob; Thanks for the comment. I recalled from one of your earlier comments how much you're looking forward to having a theater experience soon; good luck when that happens. And I also remember you mentioning missing NYC. Finally, thanks for the mention re my upcoming class at BCC; that offer should be up on their website soon.

  2. Neglected to mention some of the signs … Mostly it’s seeing people in stores, etc, without masks. It’s definitely a sign that we’re on the right track, I guess, but I have to add that I find it somewhat unnerving. Because of all that we’ve been through, and that I’m not quite there yet … And to be honest, it’s something that has become so common, the wearing of masks for the past 15+ months, it’s a bit strange seeing people not wearing them inside stores. But, I’d much rather keep moving forward …