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Friday, June 4, 2021

Marking The Fifth Decade

Of the entries marking this series, this one - matching post number #1989 to the year 1989 - is the easiest one to write and will also be the shortest of the eight.  

Because 1989 was, without qualification, the richest single year of my life. In a lifetime of good fortune, the birth of my daughter on January 19 - just over ten months before my fortieth birthday - ensured the start of this particular decade, my fifth, would always remain my most memorable. 

What made 1989 special for you?   


  1. Sadly the death of my mother. She had a brain tumor and became an invalid for the last 2+ years of her life. It was a difficult time but also rewarding as we had many hours together to share thoughts, memories and love.
    On a non-personal level, the fall of the Berlin Wall. I lived in Berlin from 1963-1964, two years after its erection. I never anticipated the fall of the wall, especially how fast it went. What a relief. What a sense of hope. Now we need to deal with non-physical walls all over the planet.....

    1. Ines; Thanks for the comment and for sharing more of your story with me. For those of us who lived through it, the fall of the Berlin Wall was surely something unforgettable.

  2. love you dad!

  3. Hello Pat. Hope you’re all doing well.
    1989 … more of a time that I have clearer memories of. I was a dad now. My lovely daughter, Rachel, was born in September of 1986 so we were pretty much into the parenting life. In fact, by the latter part of 1989 we were expecting our second child. And we welcomed Stephen in May of 1990.
    And I, too, remember the fall of the Berlin Wall. MTV was in full swing. Remember when it was an actual channel for music? I had actually found employment in what would wind up being my career for almost 33 years. I know the post is about 1989, and that was an incredible year. But after the 70’s, the 80’s were pretty good also. Just more from the middle to 89.
    Be well,

    1. Hey Bob; Thanks for the comment and for sharing more of your story with me. This series has been a good way for me to learn about several of my regular readers.