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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

My Bruno Kirby Moment

Have you met a single person who doesn't love When Harry Met Sally? I haven't. I'd wager even the  folks who have seen it just once could easily identify one line from Nora Ephron's hilarious script, i.e. "I'll have what she's having.

I admit opening this post using that iconic line to get to a self-referential point is sneaky. But bear with me. Because a less recalled scene from that revered movie does have some uncanny resemblance to a recent turn of events from my blogging life. In that scene, the four principals are sharing their first dinner together. Sally's best friend - portrayed by Carrie Fischer - cites a recent magazine article she's read which, unbeknownst to her, turns out to have been written by Harry's journalist friend, played by Bruno Kirby. Kirby's character's puffed-up reaction to this flattering coincidence is so .. male. Case in point:

I receive a nice comment on the blog post in which I coined the term "bro-bragging". A new reader tells me he is going to borrow my neologism in the future. So far, Pat is happy but still in control of his senses. Then, in a conversation about male fragility several weeks later, someone quotes two of three elements mentioned in that same post, nearly verbatim. When I cite the missing third element he couldn't recall, he says he remembers reading that same post and indicates that is "probably" where he'd gotten the first two.  

At that point, the nasty ego is stirring but still in check. Alas, my Bruno Kirby moment arrived a few days ago. Seeing an e-mail with "bro-bragging" in the subject line - the writer saying she'd stolen it from a blog post that made her laugh out loud - puffed my feathers to peacock-sized dimensions. I'll credit Director Rob Reiner - BTW, that's Reiner's Mom who smirks the line while seated in the NY Deli next to Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal -  and screenwriter Nora Ephron for giving me the context for this solipsistic post. And I'll close with a big thanks to the three people who delivered me my Bruno Kirby moment. God bless you all. 

Reflections From The Bell Curve: The Price Of Bro-Bragging


  1. Good morning, Pat. I hope this finds you all doing well.
    Of course we love 'When Harry Met Sally'. One of our favorite films. Billy Crystal (can he do anything badly ?) is wonderful in that movie and his interactions with Bruno Kirby - perfect. As they also were in 'City Slickers'. So sad that we lost Bruno so young. No telling how much more would have been to come. Can't say that I recall ever having been quoted by someone with something I've said, but I say so much that maybe it's possible. I know I repeat a lot of what I hear. And movie quotes are used often. 'When Harry Met Sally' and 'Arthur' - probably the best by Dudley Moore aside from his work with Peter Cook - are two of our favorites.
    In any event, as I take another of my long trips to get back to the subject of this post, Puff Those Feathers and take pride in your work and your posts. After all 'Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery'. With all due credit to Oscar Wilde.
    Be well ...

    1. Bob; Because you were the first in that short line of three to give me my Bruno Kirby moment, let me say thank you again. For your comments, your support of my blog, and most of all (here goes that ego again!) for saying you planned on borrowing my neologism. So, have you done so yet? And if yes, did you (at minimum) give me credit? Better yet, did you point that somebody (ANY somebody!) toward my blog or at least that specific post? If you did, be sure to redeem soon your nominal cash reward aka bribe.

    2. Good morning, Pat. Although, at least at this moment, I can’t recall when I’ve quoted you - the ‘Bruno Kirby’ moment - I can say that I have and have made sure to give credit where due. And I’ve shown this post to Rose since we share a lie for good film quotes. As I may have mentioned previously, my brother in law is an accomplished guitarist and I have told him about your classes and your enthusiastic approach to teaching. This in addition to mentioning your blog. I can’t say for sure if he’s read any of your posts, but I believe he will. My reward will be registering for your next class.
      Enjoy the weekend.

    3. Bob; In order to remember how you've "quoted" me all you need do is look at the comment you made on my post "The Price of Bro-Bragging" - link for it is at the bottom of this (newer) post. You were who I referred to in this newer post, i.e. you said (in your earlier comment) you'd be borrowing "bro-bragging". Then the other two people who contributed to my Bruno Kirby moment followed you not long after.

  2. Oops … don’t know to edit my posts. Although I’m sure you guessed this already … my wife and I share a ‘love’ for film quotes.