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Saturday, July 17, 2021

This Crab's Request: Keep It To Yourself

 "I'll be there when I get there."

That statement does not snugly fit the dictionary definition of the word tautology. But it is close enough. And on the occasions when some chronically late person has said it to me, I try to remember to respond with an equally nonsensical quasi-tautology of my own like "If I'm there then I'll be there."  

"It is what it is."  

Now, given how ubiquitous this second tautology is nowadays, I'm prepared to be off the bell curve asking any reader who is fond of this expression: What else can something be other than what it is? When another person experiences a loss, or is in pain, how helpful is it reminding them that their loss or pain is what it is? If this tautology showing no empathy is helpful to you, great. Repeat it over and over to yourself. 

I know - it's only an expression. I guess I could suck it up if I could suck it up.


  1. Good evening, Pat. I hope this finds you all doing well. Unfortunately these types of expressions, or I should say one in particular, has taken on a new feeling for me. And it makes me stop and think if I should say it at all. 'It Is What It Is'. Famously, or is that infamously, uttered by the former resident of the White House in response to the Covid Pandemic. Showed a total and complete lack of understand or caring. But, I guess you have to consider the source.
    As for anything else, I am, once again, in agreement with your post. But I do have to add one more that I've always been fond of. When someone makes a comparison and refers to something as being '6 of one, half dozen of another'. Not sure why I like it. Maybe just the way it rolls off the tongue.
    Be well ...

    1. Hey Bob; Thanks for the comment. I'd actually forgotten that the ex tweeter-in-chief was fond of that tautology. In my mind, even more reason for it to be tossed into the trashbin. As for "six of one ..", since that is an expression my wife has always found annoying, I've cut back on my use of it in recent years.