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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Stop-Start-Continue: 2022

This exercise - begun on January 1,2012 and replicated here on the bell curve on/near every New Year's Day since - is more fun when others join me. Please take a few minutes to think about an action you will stop in the new year, another you will start, and a third you plan to continue. This model works well for several reasons, not least of which is the proven power of three. I also attempt to make each of my three actions specific, measurable, and realistic; seems to increase my success ratio.

In 2022 I will ...

Stop checking my e-mail more than twice a day. This particular stop is a retread for me. I first pledged to do this in 2013, had several successful years keeping my pledge, slid back a bit in 2021. Time now to re-stop

Start rigorously tracking my exercise regimen, aiming to ensure I consistently exercise four days a week. I'm not far off 200 days a year of exercise but keeping track better will assist me in getting to that mark.

Continue two reading projects initiated after leaving the world of full time work - i.e. reading at least one book each year from the canon (including the entire oeuvre of Shakespeare & Dickens) as well as finishing a non-fiction book alongside every novel I read.  

Though many of you have shared offline your stop-start-continue plans since this series began, why not challenge yourself further and go public? Doing so increases the likelihood you'll keep your plans and those plans could well inspire others. What's the downside?

Let's all have a great 2022.


  1. Love all of these goals!

  2. I like this much better than trying to make resolutions that I know, not so deep inside, I probably won't keep, or will fail to live up to by March (and that's being generous).
    So ... Here it goes, again:
    Stop: I'm going to stop being afraid of failure or of seeing things through. I'm pretty good with most things, but there have been times when I see the amount of effort involved in something I have had the tendency to think more about how not to do it, or how to get out of it, then how I will, should, or can do it.
    Start: To keep up with things I've set my mind to do. This is along the same lines as 'Stop', but it's more than that. I see this as being more to do with things that I have begun, or want to begin, and need to stay with or to even complete.
    Continue: To increase personal growth. For example, taking more classes, maybe taking credit classes and work towards a BA, growing a vegetable and flower garden, volunteer work, etc ...
    Thank you, Pat. I enjoy this exercise. Hopefully it will yield positive results.
    Be well,

    1. "Anonymous" Bob; Thanks for the comment. I'm pleased you found this exercise helpful.