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Saturday, January 27, 2024

A William Styron Shoutout

From my earliest days as an insatiable reader, William Styron has been one of my favorite authors. In fact, even though I read The Long March almost sixty years ago, I can still recall the effect it had on me. If you have never read Styron, I strongly encourage you to try him.  

A Tidewater Morning: Three Tales from Youth could be the ideal place for any reader to begin a journey with this modern-day master. Because I began my book journals only fourteen years ago, I'm not sure if my recent reading of this slim volume from 1993 was the first. No matter. I'm confident saying all three vignettes in A Tidewater Morning will captivate and move you enough that you will be motivated to try one or more of Styron's longer novels. I'm planning to return soon to his Pulitzer Prize winner - The Confessions of Nat Turner - and many of you are likely familiar with his most well-known book, Sophie's Choice, one of that exceedingly rare breed, i.e., a great movie adapted from a great book. 

But whichever Styron book you choose to begin with, I hope you'll remember afterwards to contact me - via my blog or otherwise - and tell me about your experience. I welcome any opportunity that helps me extend the glow I derive from reading or re-reading his work. If you're already a Styron fan, please tell me how you got hooked. A conversation or an online interaction like that would make my day.  

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