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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Everything is New

Have you ever met a parent who you've never heard say their life has been richer having raised their children? If I have ever met someone like this, that person long ago disappeared from memory. How many parents have you met who name the day of their child's birth as one of the best in their life? In my experience, this is so common it's almost a cliche. But count me in, cliche or not. 

Imagining my life without my daughter is impossible. She has given me and her mother moments of nearly transcendent joy. Her light has helped me navigate several dark patches in my life. Over and over, she has shown me ways to become a better person.

Everything Is New | Patrick Barton (bandcamp.com)

Everything is new. Those three words wouldn't let me go the day my daughter was born. When I completed the song partnering with that simple phrase, I was satisfied I'd captured how those early moments of her life transformed me. Tomorrow marks thirty-five years I've been waiting for another song to visit me. But nothing has yet materialized that comes close to capturing what my daughter has brought to my life since January 19, 1989. I'll wait.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.   


  1. These beautiful lyrics really capture the moment that is still so fresh in my mind all these years later. Happy Birthday, Ali, and thanks Pat for your creativity. Love you both!

    1. Alison & Kim; Given its subject, if your two comments are the only ones I get on this particular post, I've succeeded. I love you both.

  2. Hello, Pat. Saying that my life changed by being a parent doesn't even begin to describe it properly. I recall, vividly, when my daughter was born and feeling that she was the greatest thing ever and it would be all that I would ever need. But then my son was born and, as expected, I couldn't imagine my life without both of them in it. Love the song and the lyrics. And Happy Birthday (belatedly) Alison
    Be well,

    1. Hey Bob; This morning I'm working my way back through your six comments (a new one-day record, breaking your previous one) from the most recent of my posts that you commented on (1/24) to the "oldest" of the six. Thanks for your incredible support of my blog. I'm truly pleased you enjoyed the song and appreciated my lyric. Given your devotion as a parent (and grandparent) your appreciation means a great deal to me.