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Monday, December 5, 2011

Not That Story Again!

What is a reasonable number of stories any partner in a relationship should be able to re-tell, no matter how many times their partner has heard them? How about one story for each year the partnership has existed?

I'm guessing my wife will object to me having 33 stories I could re-tell indefinitely. Come to think of it, I'm tired of several of hers as well and 33 is a big number. So how about one story that can be told in perpetuity for each decade a partnership has been together? That would limit each of us to 3 stories apiece. Not bad, even if I do think my stories are better. Since I'm 4+ years older I think I also deserve at least one more for seniority. But.. How about for partnerships under 10 years in duration? I need your help there.

Next questions: Who gets to choose which stories get told - teller or pained listener? In our case, maybe I pick 2 of mine (+ 1 more for my seniority) and she gets to pick my fourth. Then she picks 2 of her own and I pick #3. That seems fair, right? Do all the stories have to be from the time period since we've been together or do we each get 1 or more that pre-dates the partnership?

Last: Should there be such a thing as an expiration date on any story? How old must that story be? For my wife and I this is not a major problem; some of our stories are now so old we have trouble remembering them anyway. And the really old ones have changed so much, they're new now.

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