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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Time Alone

How important is it to you to have regular time alone? What happens if you have difficulty finding that time?

My daughter has been on the road working since early October. She and five other young adults have driven from New Hampshire to New Orleans to St. Louis doing a small theater production.  Though she's enjoying her work immensely and the six get along very well, she misses her alone time. They work together (often 2 shows a day), room together (to save $$), eat together & spend lots of time in the van together. Difficult for an only child. Would it be difficult for you? 

I did my own share of tight quarters, close to the vest, rock n' roll roadwork as a young adult; I don't recall it being hard. Could be that coming from a family of four kids all born in a 49+ month timespan, I didn't have a high expectation then about having much time alone. But I sure need that time now and get cranky when I don't get it. Like many people, I occasionally struggle with balance but I feel pretty good about the amount of alone time vs. people time in my life. How is your balance in this important domain? What do you do when you feel out of balance?

Of course, it's very possible my need for alone time will shift yet again as I get older. And I also fully realize how fortunate I am at present. When I don't want to be alone these days, I have a rich network of family & friends who are close by. It's quite a gift; I hope I don't ever take it for granted.          

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  1. As one of the other adults on your daughter's tour (Ramona here!) I can say that Ali has absolutely no problem being crushed and confined with the same group of people every day. We just love each other so darn much we can't get enough of one another!

    ...but really... It IS an interesting balance, especially when, in a situation such as ours, you must actively choose ( and hold on desperately to) your alone time. You aren't graced with it accidentally. But I think when one is truly in tune with his or her own needs (such as your wonderful daughter) it becomes clear when that time is necessary, and hopefully it is available... For the good of said individual AND the group!