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Monday, October 29, 2012

Gift Vs. Label

What do you imagine would have been different if you were in grammar school now vs. when you actually attended?

Almost every time someone comments on my energy, I remember the restless boy who drove his teachers to distraction. Since all four of us attended the same schools from kindergarten through high school, my three younger siblings were often greeted with some caution by teachers who'd had me earlier. If any of them simply sat still, sighs of teacher relief followed.

Consequently, I suspect if attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) was as front and center in the mid-late 1950's as it sometimes seems to be now, I could have been an easy candidate for medication. Never mind that I've never had much trouble focusing on or finishing tasks. If anything, I get too focused to the exclusion of interacting with others. But I fear any label having the words "attention deficit" would have been easy to lay on me. I've always considered my energy, when aimed in positive directions, a real gift. How easily a gift can be misconstrued.


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