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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mirror Mirror

If things get as dire here at the NJ shore as predicted, could be a while between posts. So in case I'm out of business for a few days, here's a weighty question to consider: If George Clooney or Jennifer Anniston were friends of yours, would they be as good looking?

My wife and I were recently discussing who we considered the best looking people we know personally. Trying to picture the faces of friends, work colleagues, neighbors etc. in my mind's eye, I noticed how difficult it was to displace certain celebrity mugs. Though I'm loathe to admit it, seeing "The Sexiest Man Alive" next to George Clooney's puss while standing at the supermarket checkout line has an impact on me. It's possible that impact makes it a bit harder for me to equate the good looks of people I know with George or Jennifer or whomever People or Us has recently annointed.

After shaking off those unbidden mental images, I was able to return to our profound conversation. We agreed on some good looking folks from our own circle but my wife maintained Brad Pitt would stand out even if he was just our mailman. I'm not so sure.  


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  1. Yeah, Nicole Kidman would be even hotter if she lived next door. Haha. Stay safe from the storm, guys!