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Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Grade (So Far): Loyalty

loyalty: faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

At this point in your life, using the definition above, how would you grade yourself on loyalty? Of the nine attributes covered so far in this series, this is among my strongest: a solid "A" for Pat for loyalty. It's also very clear to me how I evolved this way - the influence of my Father. Who has been your biggest influence, for better or worse, when it comes to loyalty?

Faithfulness to commitments and obligations was central to my Father's core; I've proudly followed his model. I can't recall a single instance when my Dad was disloyal. Family, friends, neighbors, employers - everyone knew they could rely on him to be where he said he would be, when he said he would be there. I've always wanted people to feel the same about me; think I've largely succeeded.

p.s. For anyone paying close attention, I skipped both "J" and "K" in this series. "Kindness", with a definition too close to "generosity" (already covered), was the only attribute beginning with either of those two letters that struck me as worth exploring.  

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