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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mr. Id Is Not Going Quietly

"Still waters run deep."

Many years ago, Mr. Id heard the cliche above used to describe someone he knew. After some recent reflection, Mr. Id is inclined to think still waters are sometimes more stagnant than deep, at least with some people.

As an extrovert, Mr. Id has been justifiably called obnoxious, opinionated, arrogant on more than one occasion. However, it doesn't strike him as axiomatic that introverts are necessarily "deep" based on how little they speak, anymore than extroverts are necessarily glib or superficial for all their banter. Isn't it conceivable that some introverts or taciturn individuals are people of few words because, in fact, they don't have much to say?

Shoot the messenger if you choose, but Mr. Id advocates rethinking the strong & silent/still waters/person of few words archetype.


  1. Hi Pat,Received you blog post site but can't seem to subscribe to follow you. Maybe you could send details or set me up.
    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks for your inquiry Mel but aside from following the directions the site gives about becoming a "member" (aka follower), I'm not sure what other "details" I can offer. And, I'm sure I can't "set you up..." from my end. Each person has to do that via their own PC. If you read this reply and are comfortable doing so, send me your e-mail via this blog site (in another comment) and if I get any ideas from others how to help you, I'll e-mail you. Sorry I can't help more; thanks for reading.