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Friday, October 26, 2012

Not A Facebook Post

What percentage of your conversations would you describe as routine? Satisfying? Stimulating? What would you say are some obstacles preventing your conversations from being more regularly stimulating?

Like many people, I engage in a fair share of idle chitchat. And I have no desire for all, or even most, of my conversations to be loaded down with Meaning. On the other hand, staying on the surface has less and less appeal to me. When conversations seem to be headed in that direction, I'll sometimes choose silence or escape, provided it's not obnoxiously obvious. Using this tactic with people who have known me longer is tricky. An extroverted persona like mine becomes a kind of prison in these situations.

"I want". Sometimes, like the eponymous character in Saul Bellow's "Henderson The Rain King", I find myself uttering his two word sentence when a conversation seems stuck. At other times outrageous or  provocative questions flood my brain. Then my social filter pushes those questions aside and I return. Sometimes I'm completely OK doing so. Other times, not so much. Any of this seem vaguely familiar?        


  1. The question is, who gets to suppose a developing conversation is shallow or heading that direction? And, on what basis? Is it fair? Maybe you are pre-judging, or missing the point? Ooh, this area is ripe for disagreement. Still, I see your point. Even if I end up the only person on the planet without a Facebook page, IDGAF, not joining. Like this, Zuckerberg!

    1. Jim; I was careful to use the word "routine" instead of shallow in my post, because routine is more neutral. However, you have a good point and maybe my expectations/pre-judging of a conversation have some impact on where it goes so thanks for your insight. This is why I started this blog - so others can help me become more than I am. Pat