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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Posterity Pile-Up


For those who have waited patiently since August 2013, George Doggett is the person who has staked his claim to posterity via a urinal. I doubt anyone will question my sincerity here - people more creative than I would have difficulty inventing something like this. But create I must, so - weird segue directly ahead.

What does Doggett have in common with -
a.) Stephen Hawking
b.) Martin Luther King Jr.
c.) Alan Turing

Give up? Each of the noteworthy people above - as well as "American Sniper" Chris Kyle - have recently been bizarrely commingled in my addled brain with urinal man; told you it was a weird segue.

Oscar season, lots of biopics, favorite funky movie theater, too much water during film = posterity pile-up using the facilities afterward.

p.s. Just in case: The plaque in question is located on the far left wall in the men's room of the Beach Theater in Bradley Beach, NJ.

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  1. I'm relieved to know that it wasn't a posterior pile-up in the men's room of the Beach Theater. Although if Bradley Cooper were involved I wouldn't blame you.