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Sunday, February 8, 2015


I freely acknowledge the irony of using a blog to describe how happy I was being technology-free for ten days. But this particular vacation re-entry has additional non-ironic elements.

It's deliciously difficult to be in a rush when the speed limit everywhere is 20 MPH. Add in the primitive roads and there were several instances when walking to a nearby beach on the Virgin Islands was much more sensible than driving. Though not dreading it, I'm also not looking forward to being on a 55 MPH road later today.

Working alongside people willing to invest vacation time reclaiming ruins and improving trails in a National Park guarantees interesting and unforced conversation about environmental issues. It's not hard to have these kinds of conversations back at home but it is a little harder. Also didn't help that the first conversation I overheard on the train ride home last night was two people comparing Instagrams.

Perhaps my most challenging point of re-entry will be leaving a place of profound quiet that ensured zero information about celebrities reached me. Because we arrived home late, my wife and I had limited choices about where to grab a bite. We settled for pizza at a local bar - four different TV stations going at once, full volume. Ah, civilization.           


  1. Jeez, I hope you asked for extra cheese.

  2. The peace and serenity that you describe is a way of life and a state of 'being' that is achievable no matter where we live...sounds as if the silence from the daily "noise" of civilization was a reminder of what is possible. I hope for you and your wife that you are able to replicate the feelings you found there, here in your reality. Slowing down and taking your time, taming the input of information and social nonsense, engaging in meaningful conversation...all these may be harder to come by here, but you will find them and live them even in the midst of the noise. Welcome back! You were missed! d.

    1. d; Obviously you are right on the mark and thanks for grounding me. I do search for those moments in my life here but it's unquestionably wonderful to be in an environment and around people when searching is unnecessary. Oh yeah - thanks also for missing me!