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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pop Culture Triptych - Volume 5

For this iteration of my most frivolous series, I challenge you to come up with more than one word that can possibly complete the three listed below, restricting your thinking to popular magazines.  I did not use "Rolling..." - way too unique a first word - or "Reader's..." - with that dead giveaway apostrophe - or "National..." - which could easily yield the name of a few popular magazines. I also avoided magazines with monikers longer than two words, though the word "Better... " would have to point anyone who has not lived in a cave for the last half century in the same direction.

I say "Fast ..." and you say ...

I say "Good ..." and you say ...

I say "Sports ..." and you say ...

For that last one, it would be easy to seal the deal with the straight guys by saying "Swimsuit" but that's not the first word of any popular magazine I know. So, now can I lay to rest previous critical feedback I've received about being too serious and/or earnest all the time, please?

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