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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Upside Down Hawthorne

Probably because more days are behind than in front of me, I increasingly fantasize about shortcuts to help me locate folks that will enrich my life. Ideally, those same folks would be enriched by me.

My latest fantasy is turning the scarlet "A" model upside down. Now, given his Puritanical streak and crabbiness, I suspect Nathaniel would not be fond of this positive spin but I can always direct him to my blog post of May 9, 2011. The scolding tone of that missive will surely warm his cold heart. And before any reader goes all gooey on me, I do recognize there are more meaningful ways to connect. I'm also familiar with the notion that the joy of connecting with others is tied to taking time to peel away layers to get to someone's core. That's nice but I'm a little short on time. So, anyone not wanting to join this lazy fantasy approach to connecting, feel free to sign off before I offer a few suggestions aimed at upending Hawthorne's paradigm as well as assisting any sloth-like readers who yearn for an easier way to identify soulmates.

Let's start with that "A", shall we? I'd welcome seeing that letter embroidered on someone's blouse or shirt if it meant "Activist" . Someone with a bold "H" for "Humanist" - color of that "H" doesn't matter, BTW -  would definitely get my attention. Even the most casual reader of my blog will know "B" for "Bookworm", "F" for "Film Buff" & "M" for "Music Geek" will all be catnip to me. I've got a lot more (what a surprise, right?), but I'll last throw in my double "L" = "Lifelong Learner". What letters - standing in for what words - would draw you to someone?



  1. Any letter, because you may think that A stands for Activist but it could very well stand for Asshole.

    1. Sandy; Thanks for comment. But in my fantasy it's me who gets to choose the letters and "A" is only awarded to activists or Hester Prynne.